About Notable Orphans

Hi! I'm lindsey. 

I'm the owner/maker at Notable Orphans.  I'm a lifelong thrifter who long harbored a desire to learn upholstery and woodworking so I could save all the cool, neglected items I encountered. For years, I gathered tools, experimented and honed my skills, and took classes, and finally, here I am--following that dream of saving the cool, distinct, and well made. 


At Notable Orphans, we recognize the aesthetic power of and global value in shopping used. Furniture, decor, textiles, and more. We're not against new rather for intention and slow decor.  

Why "Notable Orphans"?

To find the perfect name, business books and web resources recommend word clouding your concept and digging deep into the words that best describe your business. For me, one of those many words was "orphaned", as in the orphaned items I find that are in need of a new home.


In my research, I found myself in the Wikipedia entry for orphan, which has a subheading for "Notable Orphans" and includes a list of orphans who have made a mark on the world. I laughed and thought, "But all my finds make a mark on me..."—and voila, "Notable Orphans" was born.